What I’m Reading

wodehouseAt the moment I’m reading some PG Wodehouse – the book itself is from a series published by Hutchinson Publishing Group in 1974. This volume has two stories Psmith in the City and Psmith, Journalist. They’re both what you call light reading. Psmith in the City tells the story of Psmith and his offsider Mike Jackson both of whom end up working in a London bank, Mike because he has to, Psmith because he thought it would be a bit a lark. All Mike wants to do is play county cricket which he ends up doing. All Psmith wants to do is to show the bank manager that he doesn’t really need to be shown how to earn a living. Psmith is also successful.

Wodehouse creates characters that while dated are true to life. You can imagine meeting any of them in the street – except Psmith – he is just over the top in humble arrogance.

If you get a chance to read a Wodehouse, don’t pass it up.

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